About Us

Hello, we are happy to welcome you. If you got to this site, most likely you as well as we love Russian weapons or engage in the sale of spare parts for it.

Let introduce myself. Our names are Alexander and Nikolay, we are close friends and business partners .., We live in Russia, in the city of Perm. We started a small business selling parts and accessories for Russian weapons. In our store you will find the auto parts and accessories for the Kalashnikov assault rifle, for SVD, Saiga, Vepr, etc.

If you could not find the necessary parts in our store then do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to find you here in these parts of Russia.

If you are engaged in the sale of spare parts for Russian weapons and are interested in wholesale purchases of our products then please contact us. We have experience in wholesale supplies all over the world and we are ready to give you a good price.

What do you get from working with us:

1. Individual approach

We guarantee that no message will not remain without attention. We will try as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

2. Flexible prices 

If you do not like the price on a particular product, you can always offer its own, and we will try to negotiate.

3. 100% Quality Guarantee 

You will receive a full refund if you do not receive the purchased item or get it improper quality.

4. Durable packing

Your goods will be well packed in a special packing material.

We will do our best to you like our products and quality service.